January 15, 2019



We have all experienced the embarrassment and frustration of trying to find the right word when speaking a foreign language, only to not find it, miss the point and pretend it didn’t matter when it did. It happens to everyone who tries to learn something new in life, so don’t be afraid.

Learning a new language is a bit like being a kid again. The first secret is to focus on the basics – your most essential needs, key words and expressions – and forget about what’s long and complicated (e.g. the adult language, if you will). And the second secret? Practise as much as you can, and always try to improve your current level.

If you have just moved abroad and are disorientated, or moved back home after an experience outside your country and feel frustrated, don’t worry. All that time spent trying to speak a new language wasn’t wasted! Mastering conversation skills in a foreign language is the ultimate step of a long, fascinating process. It begins with listening, reading and writing skills, and it takes time.

You might feel lost at times – especially the day you join a new school or start a new job. Please don’t, just practise the language every day!

At Read2Speak we can help you improve your conversation skills. Start by reading articles and news stories that interest you, and then participate in online language lessons led by native speakers with many years of teaching experience.

Practise on our website by reading the articles and then book a lesson. We guarantee you’ll see real benefits after a few sessions!