November 25, 2018

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Felix Echevarria
New York (US)
I am a native Speaker born and Educated in America, specifically in New York City. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Education. I’m specialized in teaching English and Spanish in Middle and High School students.
Reading articles on Read2Speak website and our lessons via Skype are the perfect way to help you improve your conversation skills.
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Patrizia Mayall
Bari (Italy)
I am a CELTA qualified teacher educated in the UK with experience of working in British primary and secondary schools and teaching English to speakers of other languages. I have a BA (Honours) English Language and Literature and an Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics.
Nata in Italia, ho vissuto  in UK per circa 20 anni. Ho conseguito i seguenti titolo in UK: CELTA, BA (Honours) English Language and Literature e Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics. Ho esperienza di insegnamento nelle scuole pubbliche inglesi e in quelle per stranieri.
Estefania Sánchez Plana
Castilla-la-Mancha (Spain)
I am a Spanish native speaker. I have a university degree in Modern Languages and Linguistics by University of Granada, specialized in English language and literature. English grammar is my strength, and speaking English correctly is the main objective of my lessons.
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Soy nativa española. Estoy licenciada en Filología Inglesa por la Universidad de Granada, especializada en lengua y literatura inglesa. La gramática inglesa es muy punto fuerte, y el hablar correctamente es el objetivo de mis clases.
Felicity Goodwin
I am a native speaker, born in England and raised in Australia. I have a Bachelor's degree in Law and Philosophy. I obtained my CELTA qualification at the Berlin School of English and am currently teaching English in an EFL academy in Malta. I enjoy teaching all levels and I firmly believe that discussing real-world issues and topics of genuine interest is the best way to improve your English. I look forward to discussing Read2Speak's great range of articles with you!  
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Student and Founder Read2Speak
Valletta (Malta)
I'm the founder of the Read2Speak project and, most of all, a student, like you. I started traveling at the beginning of 2013, at first in NY. Currently I live in Malta. I've been working in the publishing and editorial field since 2003, as a content strategist and a project manager.
I strongly believe in reading articles as a new instrument to improve our knowledge and skill of conversation in a second language.
This is my Read2Speak blog.