November 26, 2018



Read2Speak one-to-one (or individual) Skype lessons last 60 minutes and are online face-to-face conversations with one of our native speaker teachers.
In the classes you will learning to improve your speaking through various articles.

The classes will focus on how the student can upgrade their level of speaking on subjects like politics, business, sport, technology, gossip. There will be emphasis on vocabulary building, correcting errors, understanding idioms and optimizing the students abilities for the best English speaking possible

The lessons are progressive and you will be tested after every three classes to access your comprehension and speaking abilities.
Student progress is measured and this process assures students documented improvement.

The main benefit of these private sessions is that it really is all about you, what you want to achieve, ask or improve.
Doing a little bit of prep work beforehand is recommended and will enable you to get the most out of your class.

Here you can find the COST and PACKAGES section for this class, while clicking here you can SCHEDULE your lesson.