January 15, 2019

The end of food: a tech-story from The New Yorker

A startup to let you live without….food! Read this true story from The New Yorker and talk about it with one of our teachers via Skype!   In December of 2012, three young men were living in a claustrophobic apartment in San Francisco’s ...


eBay tells users to change passwords after ‘cyber attack’

  • May 22, 2014

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As you know, we change your textbook at least three times a week! So read this article from The Telegraph about how eBay reacted to a cyber ...


Front National wins European parliament elections in France

  • May 26, 2014

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An “earthquake” at the EU elections: read this article from The Guardian and analyse the political situation in your country with one ...


World Cup player stops to tie shoe for boy on crutches

  • June 18, 2014

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We’re back! Here is a story from The Huffington Post: an article that’s simple to read but probably easier to love.   Even ...


Naughty and naked: The Simpsons strip off

  • January 28, 2014

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Have you ever imagined Marge Simpson posing in sadomasochist clothes? Definitely not! Read this humorous article and improve your English!   ...