How does Read2Speak work?

Read the news to improve your level of English and then talk about it with one of our teachers: this is Read to Speak.

Superheld, fliegend, Luftballons

Taking part in our online lessons is really easy.
All you need is a Skype or a Google Hangout account!

#1 – How do you feel today?

First things first. Think about how you are feeling today, and pick your subject.

#2 – Read the news of the day

Read it out loud and try to listen to your voice.

Two tips: don’t worry if you don’t understand the meaning of every single word, and avoid using dictionaries.
This will only frustrate you and eventually prove counterproductive.

#3 – Highlight and learn!

Highlight five words from the article you don’t know or remember.
No more than five – you can’t learn too much in one go, it just won’t work!

#4 – Now read the article again.

Why again? You already know the benefits of going through the same information a few times, but here you can find four good reasons why it’s so important.

It’s time to speak!

Do you want to talk about this news with one of our teachers via Skype?
Perhaps discuss the five words you didn’t know, or read the story out loud to our teacher to improve your pronunciation?

Then book your online lesson today!

At Read2Speak we offer two types of lessons.

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#5 – Speak about the topic on Skype!

Repeat with our teacher what you have just read by using the same words of the journalist and then try to use different expressions and idioms.

#6 – Express your opinion!

What is your opinion about this topic?

Is it the same of what you read or do you have a different idea?

Try to express yourself: it’s the most important challenge, improving your speaking and making it fluenter.


#7 – Listen to the other ideas!

After speaking, it’s time to listen. What is the opinion of your teacher about this topic? 

And what do other students think about?

Our digital lesson is an interactive class: there’re no monologues, but dialogues, like in the real life. Exercise also your skill of listening!


#8 – Last step: compare your opinion!

It’s the last but not least step: after speaking and listening, you have to be able to defend your idea and to compare it with other students’ opinions.

It’s the real mission of our Group Lesson: to increase your critical knowledge by reading and listening different ideas, the perfect way to express yourself fluently.

Choose your best class!

It’s time to present our types of lessons. Have a look and choose the best solution for your interests!



They last 60 minutes and are online face-to-face conversations with one of our native speaker teachers.

The main benefit of these private sessions is that it really is all about you, what you want to achieve, ask or improve.

Doing a little bit of prep work beforehand is recommended and will enable you to get the most out of your class.


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Try it now: your first lesson is free. The best way to test our new project and know our teacher!


They also last 60 minutes and give you the chance to interact not only with a teacher, but also with other students who are connected online via a webcam on Skype or Google Hangout.

Group classes are cheaper, and give you the chance to meet other students, who are also looking to improve their knowledge of and confidence in a foreign language.

There are four different levels of GROUP LESSON: beginner, intermediate, advanced and business.


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Try it now: your first lesson is free. The best way to test our new project and know our teacher and other international students!




Join our class!

Taking part in our online lessons is really easy.
All you need is a Skype account or access to Google Hangout – click here to find out more.



Discover our packages and best discounts!

You can start with one lesson and then book more on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Alternatively, you can subscribe to packages of 10, 20 or 30 lessons – the more lessons you book the cheaper it gets!

We guarantee that after 30 lessons you will see major benefits, and feel more confident when approaching people, joining conversations and expressing yourself.

Not ready to speak?

If you are not ready to book a lesson yet, don’t worry.
We encourage everyone to take their time and book their first lesson when it feels right.