January 6, 2019



Why do we read? What’s the point of reading? At Read2Speak we can think of four good reasons:

1) To stay up-to-date.
People are curious. Information develops and shapes people’s interests and so it’s necessary to stay informed.

2) Reading is a pleasure.
That’s right; first and foremost reading is – or at least should be – a genuine pleasure!

3) To understand other people and cultures.
The world is a fantastic place, and learning what’s around you is the best way to become a more mature, interesting person.

4) Reading helps you build your own opinions.
Some people say reading is the best exercise for the human brain. It helps us figure out what is right and what is wrong from a very young age, and to develop our own critical mind.

All this is even more meaningful when we read in a language which is not our own.

Reading in a foreign language helps us do all of the above and more – learn new words and idioms, improve pronunciation, familiarise ourselves with different grammar and, most of all, become more confident and open minded.

This is why at Read2Speak we believe that reading is the first step to mastering a new language.