January 15, 2019

Front National wins European parliament elections in France

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An “earthquake” at the EU elections: read this article from The Guardian and analyse the political situation in your country with one of our teachers!


European politics were jolted as seldom before on Sunday when France’s extreme nationalists triumphed in the European parliament elections, which across the continent returned an unprecedented number of MEPs hostile or sceptical about the European Union in a huge vote of no confidence in Europe’s political elite.

France’s Front National won the election there with a projected 25% of the vote, while the governing socialists of President François Hollande collapsed to 14%, according to exit polls.


Article by Craig Grannell
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to jolt (v) to give somebody a sudden shock, especially so that they start to take action or deal with a situation
seldom (adv) not often
to triumph (v) to defeat somebody/something; to be successful
sceptical (adj) having doubts that a claim or statement is true or that something will happen
to project (v) to estimate what the size, cost or amount of something will be in the future based on what is happening now


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