December 19, 2018

‘77 Days of Davis’ lists remind students to live in the present

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Read this article from the USA TODAY and highlight five words that you didn’t know before.
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Like many college students, Lee spent much of her time on the hunt for the next big internship opportunity or career starter. A senior political science major at the University of California, Davis, Lee spent most of her senior year worrying about what post-grad life had in store for her.

“The idea of making sure my ‘future was set’ stressed me out so much that I eventually had to take a step back and see what the problem was,” Lee, 21, says. “Although, by the time I stepped back it was March and I now only have a quarter left of college.”

But that brevity didn’t deter Lee from making a change. Instead of looking toward the next, well, anything, she chose to focus on the present. The project, 77 Days of Davis, aims to help all students – but especially seniors – make the best of their spring quarter from March 27 to June 12.



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hunt (n) an act of looking for somebody/something that is difficult to find
internship (n) a period of time during which a student or new graduate gets practical experience in a job, for example during the summer holiday/vacation
to step back (v) to think about a situation calmly, as if you are not involved in it yourself
to deter (v) to make somebody decide not to do something or continue doing something
to look toward (v) to face in the direction of someone or something


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