January 15, 2019

My guilty pleasure: My Best Friend's Wedding

My guilty pleasure: My Best Friend’s Wedding Reviewed by on . Array Array Rating: 3

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Simple but effective, cheesy but hilarious, this 1997 movie has important lessons to teach about life, love…and desserts.

Creme brulee or Jell-O? That’s the level of the metaphor in My Best Friend’s Wedding. In other words, “annoyingly perfect” Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) – one of those people who never, ever spills on their clothes – or supposedly far-from-perfect Julianne (Julia Roberts), an emotionally unavailable food critic. The choice is for Michael (Dermot Mulroney) to make, and it takes the jumping of a fair few hoops for the dunderhead to make his decision.

The set-up is very simple, yet extremely effective. Julianne is difficult and selfish – that is, until Michael, a long-time friend and former lover, leaves a mysterious message on her voicemail.


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guilty (adj) feeling ashamed because you have done something that you know is wrong or have not done something that you should have done
cheesy (adj) too emotional or romantic, in a way that is embarrassing
to spill (v) (especially of liquid) to flow over the edge of a container by accident
to jump (v) to move quickly off the ground or away from a surface by pushing yourself with your legs and feet
hoop (n) a large ring that was used as a children’s toy in the past, or for animals or riders to jump through at a circus
dunderhead (n) a silly or stupid person


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