January 15, 2019

Cameron Diaz talks about beauty and the "failure" of not looking 25 forever

Cameron Diaz talks about beauty and the “failure” of not looking 25 forever Reviewed by on . Array Array Rating: 3.5

Do you know what “anti-aging” means? And what is a “restistance”?
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From the hills of Hollywood to hometown suburbs across the country, women can’t seem to escape the pressure of looking young. Commercials emphasise it, surgical procedures chase after it and the media celebrates it. But 41-year-old Cameron Diaz is sick of the resistance to age gracefully — and one beauty slogan in particular.

As the actress writes in her New York Times bestseller The Body Book, Diaz says there’s no such thing as “anti-aging.” Oprah emphatically agrees during their interview for “Oprah Prime”. (…).

“I know, me too,” Diaz says. “I get so mad when I hear commercials on television where [they say] ‘anti-aging.”


Article by Lisa Capretto
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What does it mean? Click and find out!

suburb (n) an area where people live that is outside the centre of a city
to emphasise (v) to give special importance to something
surgical (adj) used in or connected with surgery
to chase after (v) to run, drive, etc. after somebody/something in order to catch them
resistance (n) the act of using force to oppose somebody/something
anti-aging (adj) effective in retarding the effects of aging


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