November 24, 2018

The Wall Street Journal: "Success Outside the Dress Code"

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Read this article from The Wall Street Journal. What is a “dress code“?
We’ve highlighted six words: do you know them?
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Anyone who has felt like the odd duck of the group can take heart from new research from Harvard Business School that says sticking out in distinct ways can lend you an air of presence or influence.

Standing out in certain circumstances, like wearing sweats in a luxury store, also appears to boost an individual’s standing.

One obvious way people signal what the researchers called “status” is through visible markers, like what they wear and what they buy. Previous research has largely examined why people buy or wear branded items.


Article and by Shirley S. Wang. Picture from WSJ.
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dress code (n) rules about what clothes people should wear at work
duck (n) a common bird that lives on or near water and has short legs and a wide beak
to stick out (v) to be noticeable or easily seen
to lend (v) to give a particular quality to a person or a situation
to boost (v) to make something increase, or become better or more successful
marker (n) an object or a sign that shows the position of something


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