January 15, 2019

Another reason why you should watch the Olympic Games

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Once every four years the Winter Olympics surprise us with the fact that sizzling nations, who know no snow, send teams to compete on the white stuff.

The A-Z of countries who have already qualified for Sochi includes African hot spots Togo and Zimbabwe, the Pacific island of Tonga and the Caribbean Cayman Islands.

These athletes from tropical nations often warm the hearts of TV audiences looking for an underdog to cheer on. That was the case in 1988 when the haphazard Jamaican bobsleigh team brought some sunshine to the Calgary Games and inspired the cult film “Cool Runnings.”

After a 12-year absence, Jamaica is set to compete in the two-man bob after Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon used crowdfunding to help pay their way to Sochi.


Article by Sarah Holt
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