January 15, 2019

Facebook turns 10: from college dorm to 1.23 billion users

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Facebook celebrates 10-year anniversary: read this article from The Guardian and find out what the highlighted words mean.

What does the future look like? According to Facebook, exactly 10 years after the social network was created, the future is called Paper. But it’s not quite as nostalgic as it sounds. This is the future where we write, film and share our stories via our mobile phones. A sleek cut-down version of the Facebook site, Paper replaces buttons with touchscreen swipes, and uses full-screen to play video on the handheld devices, where the future of the internet will be fought. But Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s 29-year-old founder, also wants to hire human editors to promote the most interesting content, harking back to newspapers themselves. In this case, the retro nomenclature represents something more: a desire to find new ways to make Facebook more relevant to the human desire for communication, by enlisting people themselves.  

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sleek (adj) fashionable and attractive in design cut-down (adj) reduced in scope or length handheld (adj) small enough to hold in your hands hark back to (v) to be similar to something from the past nomenclature (n) a system for naming things to enlist (v) if you enlist someone or enlist their helpyou ask them to help or support you
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