January 15, 2019

Try to Sleep

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Norma went to bed. It was eleven o’clock. She turned out the light.
She lay in bed. It was dark. It was quiet. She couldn’t sleep. She closed her eyes.
She tried to sleep, but she couldn’t. She turned the light back on. She opened her book. She started to read her book. It was a good book.

She read one page. Then she read another page. After a while, she felt sleepy. She closed the book. She turned out the light.
She closed her eyes. She went straight to sleep.


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to turn out (v) to stop using a light by pressing a button or moving a switch
to lie (v) to be in a position in which your body is flat on a surface such as the floor or a bed
to try (v) to attempt to do something
to feel (v) to experience a particular emotion or physical feeling
straight (adv) directly and immediately


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