November 28, 2018

Naughty and naked: The Simpsons strip off

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Have you ever imagined Marge Simpson posing in sadomasochist clothes? Definitely not!
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Have you ever had erotic fantasies about Marge Simpson? If so, you may be a cartoon character. Bartender Moe used to be obsessed with Homer’s wife. She has also drawn the unwelcome attentions of Mr Burns. And let’s not forget her romance with a French bowling instructor.

Anyway, Simpsons fans, prepare to be thrilled, shocked or profoundly embarrassed. Because for all you Moes out there, here’s a flaming Marge. Italian comic artist Alexsandro Palombo, who is well known in the fashion world, apparently, for his satirical depictions of haute couture, has created a 2014 calendar full of extravagant images of Marge – and Homer – posing in sadomasochist gear in the high-fashion style of the photographer Helmut Newton. So you always wanted to see Springfield’s suburban icon in a black leather number slit to the thigh? Or naked with big bazoomas?


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to strip off (v) to take off all your clothes
draw someone’s attention to someone or something (expr.) to attract someone to notice or focus on someone or something
flaming (adj) brightly coloured red, orange, or yellow
depiction (n) a description of something using words or pictures
sadomasochist (adj) behaviour in which someone gets sexual pleasure from being hurt and
from hurting someone else
gear (n) clothes, especially fashionable ones. This word is often used humorously
suburban (adj) in a suburb, or relating to a suburb


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