December 16, 2018

Students: how to use LinkedIn at university to help you get a job

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Read this article from The Guardian and try to improve your business English: to build up contacts, to utilise and generate contacts, to integrate something into. 


Trying to make yourself stand out in the sea of graduates looking for jobs is tricky. Having a LinkedIn account can be a key way to build up contacts while still at university. And getting a LinkedIn profile now can be a good way to find work experience and other opportunities alongside your studies.

Ian Osborne, university work related learning officer, says: “In a previous role with the university I set up work placements for around 200 students and the vast majority were through utilising and generating contacts on LinkedIn.”

A LinkedIn profile is your chance to build a positive online presence for yourself.

Some universities are even integrating LinkedIn into their courses.


Article by Blogging Students
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tricky (adj) difficult to deal with
to build up (v) to increase, or to make something increase
to related (adj) if two or more things are related, there is a connection between them
to utilise (v) to use something
to integrate (v) to make someone become a full member of a group or society and be involved completely in its activities


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