January 15, 2019

One Ballon d'Or for all...And all for one!

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And the winner is….
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Cristiano Ronaldo arrived home with the Ballon d’Or tucked firmly under his arm. After the tears of happiness and emotion in Zurich, it was time to share the prize with his team. CR7 took the award along to the Valdebebas training facility first thing this morning to include everyone in the celebrations.

All the regulars who report for training duty with Ancelotti every morning were there to greet him, as was his large group of helpers, from the doctors to the kit men, the physios and the groundsman.

Tuesday was a special day at the Valdebebas. No-one was missing from the dressing room. The award honours the best player in the world, but it will also certainly act to tighten the bonds that already exist between those that make up the Real Madrid family.

Cristiano was applauded by his teammates and then he, as at the awards ceremony, reminded them that, without them winning it would not have been possible.


Article by Pablo Polo
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to tuck (v) to put something in a particular place, especially in order to keep it safe or hidden
training (n) physical exercise that someone does regularly in order to practise for a sport or to stay healthy
physio (n) a physiotherapist
to honour (v) to show your respect or admiration for someone, especially by giving them a prize or a title, or by praising them publicly
to tighten (v) to make something stricter
bond (n) something that gives people or groups a reason to love one another


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