January 15, 2019

11 things you must know if you made a New Year's resolution to get fit

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Are you ready for 2014? Read this article from The Huffington Post.
There’s always time to get fit…and improve your English!


So you’ve proclaimed 2014 to be the year you finally get fit. Now what?

Between the workout-specific lingo and expensive gadgets, exercise can feel a little bit like an unwelcoming club. But the last thing we want is for you beginners to be discouraged. That’s why we’ve decided to let all newcomers in on a few insider secrets. Here are 10 things you should absolutely know if you’re going to really make that resolution stick.

1. You’re Going To Hurt
You should expect to have some aches and pains, but that’s usually a good thing: muscle soreness is usually not much more than a sign that you’ve been working those muscles. Your first few ventures back into the world of fitness are going to wake up some sleepy muscles and………


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lingo (n) the specialized vocabulary of a particular field or discipline
to discourage (v) to try to prevent something from happening, especially because you do not approve of it or think it is harmful
newcomer (n) someone who has recently started to live or work somewhere, or who has just arrived in a place
resolution (n) a serious decision to do something
ache (n) a pain that is continuous and unpleasant, but usually not very strong
soreness (adj) painful to the touch; tender
sleepy (adj) inactive; quiet


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