January 5, 2019

Prosecco topples champagne as top sparkling tipple

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Read this article from The Guardian and try to improve your business vocabulary: runup, to topple, to overtake, retailer.


The British public will be popping a different kind of cork on New Year’s Eve after Britain’s largest wine seller said prosecco had overtaken champagne as its customers’ favourite sparkling tipple.

Tesco expects to sell 250,000 bottles of the Italian wine in the two-day runup to the new year, having reported a 70% increase in sales over the Christmas period.

Prosecco has become so popular that it will account for one of every four bottles of all sparkling wine bought in its supermarkets and online over the festive season, including champagne, the retailer said.


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to topple (v) to make someone in authority lose their power
to pop (v) to make a short, sharp, explosive sound
cork (n) something made of cork, especially a bottle stopper
to overtake (v) to pass after catching up with
sparkling (n) emission of gas bubbles; effervescence
runup (n) an often sudden increase
increase (n) a rise in the number, amount, or degree of something
to account (v) to form, use, or produce a particular amount or part of a group of people or things


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