January 15, 2019

11 reasons you should quit Facebook in 2014

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Are you getting tired of Facebook?

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“Facebook is so annoying.” How many times have you heard that sentiment this past year? We bet a lot, because more and more people seem to be getting tired of the social media platform, especially young people.

We’ve noticed a nationwide annoyance with Facebook over 2013. The company even admitted in October that younger teens were using the network less frequently on a daily basis. Here are 11 reasons that might convince you to let your Facebook account go in 2014.

1. Nobody actually wants to just read about what you’re doing anymore.

Think about it: What sounds more appealing (and believable)? Reading a status that says, “I’m currently hanging out with Will Smith!” or a picture of that person actually posing with Smith? A photo is definitely more engaging.


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sentiment (n) a thought, view, or attitude, especially one based mainly on emotion instead of reason
to get tired (v) to be impatient; bored
nationwide (adj) covering or available to the whole of a nation; national
appealing (adj) having great appeal; attractive
to hang out (v) spend time in a certain location or with certain people


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