March 25, 2019

Why your name matters

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Do you believe that your name can influence your choices?
Read this article from The New Yorker and find out the effects of names.


In 1948, two professors at Harvard University published a study of thirty-three hundred men who had recently graduated, looking at whether their names had any bearing on their academic performance. The men with unusual names, the study found, were more likely to have flunked out or to have exhibited symptoms of psychological neurosis than those with more common names. The Mikes were doing just fine, but the Berriens were having trouble. A rare name, the professors surmised, had a negative psychological effect on its bearer.

Since then, researchers have continued to study the effects of names, and, in the decades after the 1948 study, these findings have been widely reproduced. Some recent research suggests that names can influence choice of profession, where we live, whom we marry, the grades we earn, the stocks we invest in, whether we’re accepted to a school or are hired for a particular job, and the quality of our work in a group setting. Our names can even determine whether we give money to disaster victims: if we share an initial with the name of a hurricane, according to one study, we are far more likely to donate to relief funds after it hits.


Article by Maria Konnikova.
Click here to read the full article.


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bearing (n) relevant relationship or interconnection
to flunk out (v) to have to leave a school because your work is not satisfactory
to surmise (v) to guess that something is true, when you do not have enough information to prove that it is true
grade (n) a level of quality or importance
likely (adj) probably going to happen, or probably true


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