January 15, 2019

Top 5: Best cities to live as a young entrepreneur

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What are the best cities to enjoy a better lifestyle, start a new business and (of course) learn English?
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If you’re a young entrepreneur starting a business, you need all the advantages you can get. That means keeping costs low and building advantages over your competition.

If your business isn’t rooted in one place, you can use geoarbitrage to take advantage of cost differences between countries. Why start your online business in California where rents are thousands of dollars a month and the cost of living is through the roof?

There are places all over the world where you can live relatively well for as little as $500-1,000 a month. Even better, you can tap into the local talent pool for pennies on the dollar of what you’d pay in the western world, if you need employees to come into the office. This cheaper cost of living will allow you to pump more money back into growing your business, all while enjoying a new culture and networking with like-minded expat entrepreneurs overseas.

But what are the best cities to live in to cut costs, enjoy a better lifestyle, and find a network of talented employees and business contacts? Here are our picks for digital nomads


Article by Andrew Henderson
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advantage (n) a beneficial factor or combination of factors
to root (v) the condition of being settled and of belonging to a particular place or society
arbitrage (n) the process of buying things in one place and selling them in another at the same time for profit
talent (n)  a natural ability for being good at a particular activity
to pump money (expr.) to put/pump/pour money into something: to give money to a company or business so that it will become successful and you will earn money from it in the future
digital nomad (n) a person who uses technology, particularly wireless networking, to work, without requiring a fixed address
pick (n) an act or the right of selecting something from among a group of alternatives


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