November 28, 2018

‘35 and Single’: a video story to improve your English

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From The New York Times a video story to practice your English.
An Argentine woman shares her intimate search for love and answers: must she settle down or remain a free spirit in order to be happy?


Over the past 10 years, I’ve been compulsively filming everyone and everything for no particular reason. All my love stories and breakups have been recorded and systematically kept.

As I continued to change boyfriends and hometowns every two years or so, I filmed my friends with their boyfriends, then husbands, then pregnant bellies, until they were surrounded by children. When my last single friend from school married, I fell asleep the evening of the wedding and didn’t show up.

I’m 35, Argentine, Jewish and single. And these four categories don’t seem to go smoothly together.


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compulsively (adv) impossible to control and therefore sometimes harmful
to record (v) to make a record of something that has happened, usually by writing it somewhere
belly (n) a stomach. This word is often used to talk about whether people have enough to eat or not
to show up (v) if something shows up, people can see it
smoothly (adv) without difficulty, problems, or delays


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