December 29, 2018

Missing family found alive after spending two nights trapped in winter wilderness

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Two days spent in sub-zero temperatures. A frightening story with a happy ending: find out the 5 things this family did right to survive.
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It could have had a much different outcome. A family of six spent two days in the Nevada wilderness in sub-zero temperatures after their Jeep rolled off the side of a dirt road and into a crevice.

James Glanton and his girlfriend Christina McIntee huddled with their two children, and her nephew and niece, keeping everyone together and keeping everyone warm.

After they were found Tuesday, all six were in stable condition with “no frostbite, just some exposure issues,” said Patty Bianchi, the CEO of Pershing General Hospital. Dr. Doug Vacek told reporters they all were doing “very well.”

So how did this family manage to survive two days when others may not have been so lucky? Here are five things the family did right.

1) They told relatives where they were going. Knowing where Glanton and McIntee were taking the kids was a huge help to authorities. (…)


Article by Ed Payne and Sarah Aarthun. Picture from CNN.
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outcome (n) an end result; a consequence
wilderness (n) an unsettled, uncultivated region left in its natural condition
to roll off (v) to flow or fall off someone or something
crevice (n) a narrow crack in rock or in a wall
to huddle (v) huddle or huddle together or huddle up to move close together in order to stay warm, feel safe, or talk
frostbite (n) a medical condition in which cold weather seriously damages your fingers, toes, ears, or nose


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