January 15, 2019

Barack Obama can’t have an iPhone "for security reasons"

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A story of technology and security from The Guardian.
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Despite being the most powerful man in the world, President Barack Obama is not allowed to use an iPhone because his security advisers have claimed it is not secure enough.

“I am not allowed, for security reasons, to have an iPhone,” Obama quipped during a pitch for his healthcare law at the White House, intimating that he was forced to be behind the curve in technology adoption.

His daughters, Sasha and Malia, however, do have iPhones, and “seem to spend a lot of time” using them, he said.

Obama famously became the first president in US history to use email and battled with the NSA in 2009 to allow him to keep a BlackBerry, a fight he eventually won although it is allegedly restricted to communicating with just 10 people.


Article by Samuel Gibbs
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adviser (n) someone whose job is to give advice on subjects they know a lot about, for example politics or financial matters
to quip (v) to say something funny or clever
to force (v) if an event or situation forces you to do something, you have to do it even ifyou do not want to
behind the curve (idiom) If you are behind the curve, you  are behind or out of touch with current trends or developments
allegedly (adv) supposedly; if someone allegedly does something, another person says that they have done it, even though this has not been proved


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