January 15, 2019

World mourns Nelson Mandela: The New Yorker cover

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A painting as a tribute to the struggle for freedom from all forms of discrimination“: read how The New Yorker will celebrate Mandela’s life.


Next week’s cover, “Madiba,” was drawn by the artist Kadir Nelson. “I’ve recently made a children’s book about Nelson Mandela, but for a New Yorker cover, I settled on a younger image of him during the time that he was on trial with over a hundred of his comrades,” says Nelson about “Madiba,” his oil painting of Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday, at the age of ninety-five.

“From looking at the photos of the time, I could see that the energy around him was very strong and that his peers were very much with and behind him,” Nelson added. “He was clearly a leader. I wanted to make a simple and bold statement about Mandela and his life as a freedom fighter. The raised fist and the simple, stark palette reminded me of posters and anti-apartheid imagery of the nineteen-eighties. This painting is a tribute to the struggle for freedom from all forms of discrimination, and Nelson’s very prominent role as a leader in the anti-apartheid movement.”



Article by . Cover by Kadir Nelson. Click here to read the full article.


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to mourn (v) to feel extremely sad because someone has died, and to express this in public
to settle on (v) settle on someone/something to make a decision between two or more people or things after not being certain which to choose
comrade (n) a friend, especially someone you have fought together with in awar or worked with
peer (n) someone who belongs to the same social or professional group as another person
fist (n) your hand when your fingers are closed tightly
palette (n) a board that an artist uses for mixing paints on


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