November 29, 2018

'Glasses For Noah' Facebook Page Shows A 4-Year-Old That His Glasses Are Cool After All

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A simple article for a lovely story. Help Noah to figure out how cool glasses really are.


Four-year-old Noah Fisher loves superheroes, but he didn’t feel like one in his new glasses.

Mom Lindsey Fisher told USA Today that when she told Noah to put his glasses on, he started crying. “I finally got him to tell me while he was crying and he said people would laugh at him,” the South Carolina mom said.

But Linsdey knew she could show him that glasses were cool. She sought help from a community others have turned to for social back-up before: Facebook.

“Our sweet 4-year old, Noah, just got glasses and is having a hard time adjusting. Let’s show him just how cool glasses really are!” she wrote in the About section on a Facebook page she created called ”Glasses for Noah”. And show him people did. According to ABC News, the page quickly gained likes and now has over 30,000 fans. Photos of people wearing glasses and warm messages haven’t stopped pouring in.




Article by Mandy Velez
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