December 22, 2018

20 most annoying things people do on planes

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From a funny list of the most irritating things people do on airplanes.
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The holiday travel crush is almost upon us. Want to give a special gift to a stranger?

Spread some holiday cheer by not doing any of the things on this list while flying.
We’ve conducted an unofficial survey of the most rude and irritating things you … sorry, other people, do on planes.
Starting from the least frequently cited annoyance and ending with the humdinger of all irritants, here are the 20 most atrocious kinds of behavior we inflict upon each another at altitude.

The list could clearly be endless!

20. Abusing someone else’s possessions in overhead bin

19. Taking ages to choose a movie

18. Compulsive leg-shaking

17. Boarding before group number is called



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crush (n) an intense but usually short-lived infatuation
to conduct (v) to direct the course of; manage or control
annoyance (n) a cause of irritation or vexation; a nuisance
humdinger (n) something unusually large
to inflict (v) (often foll by on or upon) to impose (something unwelcome, such as pain, oneself, etc.)


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