January 15, 2019

Are people really too busy for sex?

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Research suggests people are having less sex, and points a finger at our love affair with technology.


Britons are having less sex than they used to, says the latest medical research published: down to just under five times a month for the 16-44 age group and three times a month for the overall adult population. This represents a 20% decline since 2000.

The researchers have a few theories, including demographic changes – fewer people living together, more single -person households – along with an accusing finger pointed at the recession. According to one of the study leaders, Professor Kaye Wellings, rising numbers of unemployed people have reported low sexual function: “That is to do with low self-esteem, depression,” she says. So that’s another thing we can blame on the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Thanks to the banking crisis, there’s a bonking crisis.

But the more intriguing suggestion is that at the other end of the economic scale, those in work are increasingly blurring the boundary between the office and home by taking their laptops and smartphones into the bedroom. The most obvious impact is simple: if people are still checking emails after midnight, that leaves little time to do anything else. They are too busy for sex. And if it’s not work they’re doing when they stare at the glowing screen but playing a game or checking Twitter, then they’re still too distracted to notice the living, breathing person next to them.


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Briton (n) Someone from the UK
overall (adj) including everything; comprehensive
accusing (adj) intended to show someone that you think they have done something wrong
to point at (v) to show something by holding out your finger or a long thin object
self-esteem (n) the feeling that you are as important as other people and that you deserve to be treated well
to bonk (v) to have sex with someone
to blur (v) if a thing blurs, or if something blurs it, it becomes difficult to see it clearly
boundary (n) something such as a line on a map that marks where one area of land ends and another begins
glowing (adj) shining with a soft warm light


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