January 15, 2019

Smartphone wars: Apple v Samsung heads for the courtroom again

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What is a patent? And what does “to infringe” mean?
Read this article from The Guardian to find out the latest about the Apple vs Samsung fight!


The latest round in Apple and Samsung’s bitter global battle for supremacy in the $300bn+ smartphone market begins on Tuesday in a courtroom a few miles from Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

In courts, government tribunals and regulatory agencies around the world, Apple has argued that Samsung’s Android-based phones copy vital iPhone features. Samsung is fighting back, complaining that some key Apple patents are invalid and Apple has also copied its own technology.

The two firms have each won and lost legal skirmishes over the past few years, and appear oceans apart in settling their differences. Analysts predict continued litigation for months to come.

On Tuesday, the latest chapter opens in a federal courtroom in San Jose, California, where lawyers from the two companies and US district judge Lucy Koh will begin picking a jury to calculate how much South Korea-based Samsung owes Apple for infringing Apple’s patents on 13 older Samsung smartphones and computer tablets.

Representatives of both companies declined to comment.


Article by Associated Press. Picture from technobuffalo.
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What does it mean? Click and find out!

courtroom (n) a room where legal cases are judged
to argue (v)  to put forth reasons for or against; debate
patent (n) an official document that gives someone who has invented something the legal right to make or sell it
skirmish (n) an argument or a disagreement, especially a political one
to pick a jury: to choose the people who you want to have in a particular jury
to owe (v) if you owe someone money, you have to give them a particular amount of money
to infringe (v)  to break a law, rule, or agreement


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