December 15, 2018

Seven ways to get over a breakup

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From The New Yorker a funny article to help you forget someone and restart a new life. Read and learn new idioms!


Breakups hurt. It hurts now and it will probably hurt forever. Here are some tips and tricks to help you delude yourself into believing life will feel worth living again:

1. Be patient! Healing takes time. As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who have given up and sit defeated in their shower, fully clothed, with the water running.”

2. Unfriend him on Facebook! In fact, unfriend everyone. Everyone’s your enemy.

3. Write down all those horrible feelings you’re going through. Get out all the venom, anger, rage, and hatred—the stuff you would never say out loud to anyone. Photocopy and send to him with a sad face drawn on it.

4. When you start to freak out in public, pretend you’re on the phone with one of those voice-recognition robots. Then you can say “I NEED TO CONNECT WITH A HUMAN” as loud as possible and it will seem totally normal.

5. Get a haircut. It’s time for a big, fun change! Take this time to focus on yourself. For example, focus on the fact that maybe a mohawk wasn’t the big, fun change you’d hoped it would be.


Article by Cirocco Dunlap
Click here to read the other two tips and the full article.


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worth living (expr.) it means that the thing you are talking about is very good and dear to you and you think that this thing is so important that it worths every thing else in your life
healing (n) the process of becoming healthy again, or recovering from an unhappy experience
venom (n) very strong anger or hate
to freak out (v) to become or make you become so angry, surprised, excited, orfrightened that you cannot control yourself
mohawk (n) a mohican


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