March 26, 2019

Entrepreneurship Is Contagious. That Means the Poor Need to Meet Gazelles

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A research about entrepreneurs: is entrepreneurship an imitative behavior or not?
Read this article from Bloomberg Businessweek and practice your Business English.


There’s been a lot of academic research highlighting the differences between two types of entrepreneurs: those building so-called gazelles, or fast-growth companies that lead to thousands of jobs, and those running smaller, local businesses who often seek simply to earn a living.

Another big difference between the two types of entrepreneurs: People who make less than $25,000 and those who make between $100,000 and $149,999 were both more likely to know an entrepreneur than respondents in other income brackets. Those in the higher income bracket were almost twice as likely to know a “growth entrepreneur” than the poorest survey-takers. That’s according to survey results published today (pdf) by the Kauffman Foundation.

The findings are consistent with “studies showing that subsistence entrepreneurship is fairly common among lower-income Americans, but growth entrepreneurship is troublingly rare,” writes the paper’s author Paul Kedrosky, a Kauffman fellow who is a contributing editor to Bloomberg Television. Also troubling: Men were almost twice as likely as women to know growth entrepreneurs.


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gazelle (n) a small brown African or Asian animal similar to a deer, with long thin legs andlarge eyes
living (n) money that you earn to live on
bracket (n) one of the groups that people or things are divided into, according to a featuresuch as income
growth (n) an increase in the number, size, or importance of something
survey (n) a set of questions that you ask a large number of people or organizations
troubling (adj) making you feel worried or uncomfortable


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