January 15, 2019

Who is this little girl found in Greece?

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The blond girl found in Greece prompts search for parents.
Read how the journalist describes this child and watch the video from CNN.com: an internazional mistery which is shocking the world.


Pale, blond and blue-eyed, the 4-year-old girl looks shyly into the camera.
This is no ordinary photo, though. The little girl pictured is at the center of a mystery. Police in Greece say they found her Thursday with a couple posing as her parents but have no idea who she is or where her real parents are.

They hope releasing the pictures of her might prompt people to come forward with information. The girl was discovered during a search of a home in a community also known as gypsies, near the town of Larissa in central Greece, police said.
Police first became suspicious because the girl, who is blonde with very pale skin and blue eyes, did not resemble the couple who claimed to be her parents.

When the couple were then questioned, “they changed repeatedly their story about how they got the child,” a police statement said, compounding the officers’ suspicions.
DNA testing then “showed that there was not any genetic compatibility” between the girl and the 39-year-old man and the 40-year-old woman, the police said, meaning they cannot be her biological parents.
The girl was immediately taken from the couple and entrusted to the care of a charity called The Smile of the Child. The charity said it would look after her “until a solution in the best interest of the child is found.”


Article by Laura Smith-Spark
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pale (adj) a skin that is lighter than usual because they are ill, shocked, orworried
shyly (adv) in a shy or timid or bashful manner
come forward (v) to offer help or information
to compound (v) to make a problem or difficult situation worse
to entrust (v) to give someone responsibility for an important job or activity


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