January 15, 2019

Graffiti artist Banksy says he sold original pieces for cheap in Central Park

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The British street artist Banksy is in New York for a month-long residency during which he has promised a new piece of street art every day. Last weekend he sold his original pieces, estimated to be worth £20,000 each in a Central Park market.
Read this unbelievable story from the NY Daily News and try to repeat the words out loud. It will help improve your English pronunciation.

The elusive British artist, whose works sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, says he set up a stall in the park over the weekend selling original, signed pieces for $60 each. He says it took about four hours for the elderly man working the stall to make a sale.

Banksy says he sold original pieces in Central Park over the weekend — for only $60 each. An elderly man worked the pop-up stall at the edge of the park on Fifth Ave. near Central Park South.

The elusive British artist also posted a video of the pop-up stall featuring about 25 canvases of his black-and-white spray art.

Some of the artwork were riffs on famous Banksy graffiti works such as a rat riding a scooter and a bandana-masked protester hurling a bouquet of flowers.

“A lady buys two small canvases for her children, but only after negotiating a 50% discount,” Banksy wrote on the video.


Article by Bill Hutchinson
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What does it mean? Click and find out!

stall (n) a booth, cubicle, or stand used by a vendor, as at a market
elusive (adj) tending to elude capture, perception, comprehension, or memory
canvas (n) a picture painted with oil paints on canvas or strong heavy cotton
riff (n) a short series of notes in music that is repeated oftenthroughout a piece
(in this case: the repetition of artwork)
to hurl (v) to throw and send with great force; fling


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