January 15, 2019

8 Ways to Keep Your Brain Innovative: a travel experience in Africa

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Read this great story from Inc.com. It is about an amazing memory of a person who does volunteer work for the Kenyan Children’s foundation.
You may find some difficult words to improve your English knowledge. Read an repeat out loud. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t understand everything!


For many years, I have had the privilege of leading groups of family members, friends, colleagues, and clients to Africa. We do volunteer work for the Kenyan Children Foundation; we dig, scrub, build, teach, and–at all times–give as much love as possible to the AIDS children the Foundation serves. Every evening, no matter how late it is, our group convenes to discuss our day. This is not a vacation. This is work–expensive work! Yet year after year, people jump at the opportunity to join me.

People want to join me because of the wonderful feelings that come from helping children whom society has otherwise abandoned. There is also the excitement of visiting such a dramatically different part of the world.

Also, after our work is done and we return home, we all notice an interesting phenomenon. Our brains feel new. Our eyes see differently. It’s as if the hot African sun seared away all our mental fog.

“It seems crazy to think that I had to go that far to gain perspective,” says Lauren, a human resources executive at a Fortune 1000 company. “But life there is simpler. We had no TV or radio or newspapers for three weeks. Unplugging gave me such an appreciation for life. Kenya reminded me of what’s important: the beauty of the earth, good food, and fellowship. By getting off the daily treadmill, I was able to get back on it with far more patience. The Serengeti gave me the gift of seeing the bigger picture. Now, in my work, I don’t get so wrapped up in the day-to-day challenges that I lose sight of the greater goal. My brain built new pathways and connections, and reached new ‘aha’ moments that have made my decision making more clear, my life less stressful, and my heart more grateful.”


Article by Geil Browning
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to scrub (v) to remove (dirt or stains) by hard rubbing
to sear (v) to cause to dry up and wither
to unplug (v) to disconnect (an electric appliance) by removing a plug from an outlet
treadmill (n) a monotonous task or set of tasks seeming to have no end
to wrap up in (v) completely immersed or absorbed in


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