January 15, 2019

Gossip of the Week from the Philadelphia Daily News

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Stick out, show up, carry on, stay out: reading a gossip article is the best experience to learn verbs and phrasal verbs.
Here is an article from the Philadelphia Daily News!



In an open letter, Sinead O’Connor told Miley Cyrus, ”Don’t let the music industry make a prostitute out of you.” Miley stuck out her tongue at the well-meaning advice and went on to question O’Connor’s sanity.


After 25 years of leading people to believe that Ronan Farrow was Woody Allen’s son, Mia Farrow told Vanity Fair that he may, in fact, be Frank Sinatra’s. Birds did it, bees did it, even Mia and Sinatra in his 70s did it . . .

In other knocking-boots news, Chelsea Clinton told Glamour that she and husband Marc Mezvinsky (a/k/a Marjorie Margolies’ boy, pride of Merion Station) have designated 2014 “the year of the baby.”

Chelsea said her Marine One Helicopter mom, Hillary Clinton, asks about the couple’s grandchild-production plans “every single day.”


Justin Bieber was carried on the shoulders of three large men up steps leading to a portion of China’s Great Wall.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian showed up in France to do whatever it is they do, while baby North stayed out west with Kim’s crazy family.

Stephen Colbert extended Tattle guy Howard Gensler’s 15 minutes of Bill O’Reilly-inspired fame (see Monday, below) with a natty screen shot and a one-second salute to “some guy in Philadelphia named Howard.”


Amanda Bynes left her treatment for mental illness at UCLA Medical Center and checked into the Canyon celebrity rehab spot. Consternation ensued.

Documentarian Charles Ferguson (“Inside Job”) walked away from a documentary on Hillary Clinton because no one would talk to him.


Article by Howard Gensler
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stick out (v) to project outward, to show up
to carry (on something) (v) to take from one place to another; transport
to show up (v) to put in an appearance; arrive
natty (adj) Informal smart in appearance or dress; spruce
to ensue (v) to follow as a consequence or result


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