March 20, 2023

Apple beats Coca-Cola to become world’s most valuable brand

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The results are in for the Best Global Brands 2013 – and it’s good news all round for the technology sector.
This article from The Indipendent show us how to talk about brands: awareness, value, ethos.


Apple has been crowned the world’s most valuable brand, knocking Coca-Cola off the top spot for the first time since the influential annual measure was created 13 years ago.

The highly-regarded Best Global Brand 2013 charts, released today by the image consultancy firm Interbrand, saw the long-term reigning champion soft drinks company actually slipping down to third, with a huge surge in value seeing Google take second place.

Apple’s brand value was estimated at $98.3 billion, up 28 per cent from the same report last year. Coca-Cola received just a 2 per cent increase, up to $79.2 billion.
“Every so often, a company changes our lives, not just with its products, but also with its ethos,” the report reads.

“This is why, following Coca-Cola’s 13-year run at the top of Best Global Brands, Interbrand has a new #1—Apple. Few brands have enabled so many people to do so much so easily, which is why Apple has legions of adoring fans, as evidenced by the record-breaking launch of the iPhone 5c/5s.”


Article by Adam Withnall
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to knock off (v) to get rid of; eliminate
to slip down (v) to go down, to fall to a lower level
to estimate (v) to calculate approximately (the amount, extent, position, or value of something)
ethos (n) the disposition, character, or values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement


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