January 15, 2019

Welcome to Felix, Read2Speak's first teacher!


1)  Hi Felix. Welcome on board! Let’s start with a simple question. Where were you born and what is your academic career?
Hi. Thank you for this opportunity to make contact with my students and tell them a bit about myself. I am a native Speaker born and Educated in America, specifically in New York City. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Education. I’m specialized in teaching in Middle and High School students.

2)  How long have you been teaching English?
Well, I am a native speaker and have been schooled through the American School system. I have been teaching approximately eleven years.

3) Give us at least three (good) reasons why you love teaching?
Well, I guess it all started when my teacher Mr. D (Dipietro) introduced my to the joy of teaching by making me one of the class tutors in his six grade class. I enjoyed it immensely and found it to be very gratifying. Oddly enough, I later taught in the same school and my name was Mr. E (Echevarria) I abbreviated the name so students could easily remember it and wouldn’t have trouble remembering it. Just like my mentor Mr. D ( Mr. Depietro).

4) What is the difference, in your opinion, between teaching foreigners or native speakers?
I think foreign students offer a great wealth of knowledge, experience and a unique point of view when they are learning and sharing their knowledge through English conversation. They bring their individual backgrounds to the classes which offers tremendous conversational material that a native speaker may not have. Most of my students (adults) are not native born so most of my current experience is related to teaching foreign students. When I taught in the American school system the students pretty much had the same problems as foreign students difficulties in grammar, spelling and vocabulary problems.

felix b

5) I know that you’ve been teaching for a long time on Skype. What is the added value of this digital experience?

Skype offers a special and unique value to the teaching and learning experience. It allows and facilitates the whole process. The student can learn in the convenience of their own home or offices and it allows a teacher to group students from different countries into classes even though the students may be thousands of miles away. The group classes are a lot of fun and offers a tremendous way of meeting like minded students and learning about different points of view regarding many topics of conversation.
The gathering of students from different countries allows us to learn and understand and relate to other people and accelerates the learning process.

6) How, in your opinion, can reading an article or newspaper help a person speak better English?
Yes, I think the use of articles, particularly those related to the news including politics, business and even gossip helps students learn good vocabulary which helps them to express their ideas. The articles are excellent for learning English idioms and expressions that are so necessary in expressing oneself in an educated and professional way. That’s why I think the read2speak classes are excellent in upgrading and releasing one’s abilities and capabilities related to effective speaking.

7) A one-on-one Lesson or a Group Class: which would you suggest and why?
I think the individual lessons are good to help build one’s foundation in the English language. The classes will help the student reach his or hers particular goals. It focuses on building vocabulary, speaking effectively with good conversational skills, including improvement on pronunciation, knowledge of important subjects etc. The group classes help facilitate this process. In the group classes the students can practice their skills and it allows them to react verbally with different points of views and prepares them for real conversations in the real world. Of course their is a teacher who observes and later makes comments for improvement for each student in the group.

8) How long does it take for a student to speak fluent English?
Of course it all depends on the student and their capacity for learning. I think on average a student can begin to communicate effectively in about five to ten lessons. In order to be fluent and have a degree of mastery of English may take fifteen to twenty five lessons on average. I has a lot to do with the persons commitment, learning skills and homework, etc.

9) What do you suggest to someone who is afraid of speaking or is frustrated because they can’t express themselves in English? And what about someone who is trying to improve their business English and is applying for a new job?
Yes, I am very good at working with people who are frustrated in learning or are even shy or inhibited. Many years of teaching helped me build these skills which have been important to many students progress. A student should try these classes if they want to improve their English speaking, speak more effective for work, school or just everyday conversation. The classes will quickly jump start their progress. Students are amazed how much they progress in the classes

10) Why did you agree to join the Read2Speak’s team?
Read2speak offers students the opportunity to grow and reach their goals and focuses in learning practical and important aspects of English. This helps them improve at their jobs, and even get a job and it also prepares them for the real world where they will be having real experiences which is all practiced in the read2speak classes.

Thanks, Felix. And good luck!


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