September 8, 2019

LinkedIn: Endorsed for Financial Acumen

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Business is business: technique words, a different vocabulary, a new world to figure out and to exercise.
Try to read this article from Bloomberg Business Week.
Don’t be nervous if you cannot understand something: read slowly and try to not underline and look up more than 5 words.


Shed a tear for all those forgotten fin de siècle dot-com flameouts. Didn’t they almost have it all? For a fleeting few minutes, such companies as Excite@Home swelled with tens of billions of dollars of market cap—paper gains that just vaporized when it all went bust. If only more defunct startups had had the humility and forethought to bank some of that wealth by selling more shares when the selling was good.

Luckily, professional network LinkedIn (LNKD) is endowed with far shrewder financial management. The Web 6.0 heavy filed on Tuesday to raise about $1 billion in stock, following a fivefold surge in its share price since the stock made its debut a little over two years ago. The objective of the sale, as the company explains, is to “increase LinkedIn’s financial flexibility and to further strengthen its balance sheet” and “to use the net proceeds of the offering primarily for general corporate purposes, including working capital, expansion of its product development and field sales organizations, international expansion, general administrative matters and for capital expenditures, including infrastructure. It may also use a portion of the net proceeds from the offering for potential strategic acquisitions of, or investments in, complementary businesses, technologies or other assets.”

In other words, more cash—and anything we’d like to do with it.


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