November 28, 2018

Queen's cousin Margaret Rhodes "not terribly excited" by Royal Babe's birth

Did you love the weeding between Kate and William? Definitely yes!
At the moment the world awaits the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child.
Read this article from The Telegraph with a interview with the Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes.

PS: what does it mean to be a “bridesmaid“?

Instead, 88-year-old Mrs Rhodes displayed the sort of sangfroid which has made her a lifelong confidante of the monarch by glibly pointing out that “everybody has babies”.

Surely, asked CNN’s star correspondent Christine Amanpour, she was excited about the birth?

“Not terribly,” was her weary reply.

Mrs Rhodes, who grew up with the Queen and was a bridesmaid at her wedding, did, however, have a few words of advice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, saying their baby’s childhood should be “sacrosanct” and shielded from the grandeur of royal life.

The Duchess of Cambridge is now thought to have goneslightly past her due date, which royal aides have only ever confirmed as “mid-July”.

Mrs Rhodes, whose mother Mary Bowes-Lyon was the Queen’s maternal aunt, is one of a small circle of people who can claim to be blood relatives of the royal baby.

She has spent her entire life as a member of the Queen’s inner circle and is perhaps her closest friend, living in a grace and favour home near Windsor Castle.

Having lived through almost nine decades of royal weddings, births and deaths, however, she brings a certain sense of perspective to a birth that will generate hundreds of hours of television coverage and countless millions of tweets.


 Article by Gordon Rayner.
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