March 30, 2019

Children 'more likely to have can of pop than eat enough fruit and vegetables'


“You can’t say just because children are obese they will develop heart disease, but it is increasing their risk.”

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Children are more likely to have a can of a sugary drink a day than eat five portions of fruit and vegetables, and the vast majority have less than an hour’s exercise, according to a new report.

The British Heart Foundation is very concerned that the lifestyles of modern children are setting them up for serious health problems in later life. Large numbers are in danger of developing coronary heart disease (CHD) as adults if they continue to skip meals and sport in favour of watching TV and drinking fizzy drinks, it says.

The data, published on Monday, suggests there has been little improvement in eating, drinking and exercise habits in spite of the concern about obesity and the launch of the government’s child measurement programme, which warns parents if their children are overweight. About a third of under-16s across the UK are either overweight or obese.

The report, produced in partnership with the BHF health promotion research group at Oxford University, shows that 80% of children in England are not eating the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Data from Scotland suggests they are more likely to eat crisps, biscuits or chocolates and sweets once a day or more (38%, 40% and 49% respectively).

hildren also love their fizzy drinks – 39% of girls and 43% of boys get through a can a day. One can of cola contains up to nine teaspoonfuls of sugar, the BHF says.


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